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"Nu Tech " unique energy savings on lighting
With our associates, we attend many energy saving exhibitions and presentations. Rather than simply handing out brochures and successful case histories we give interactive demonstrations of real, cost effective and simple solutions to saving energy in a wide selection of Industrial and Commercial applications. For example:-
Nu Tech Lighting demo Our lighting rig demonstrates over 50% energy saving on fluorescent lighting using our unique voltage stabilised ballast.

The demonstration rig, shown above, has 2 x 36 Watt tubes on magnetic starters and 2 x 36 Watts on the Nu Tech High Frequency (HF), voltage stabilised ballast. This is a common fitting in may Offices and Hospitals
During the exhibition our power meters showed the NEC delivering 245 Volts, a 2% overvoltage.

The conventional magnetic starters consumed 102 watts against the 72 watts nominal power, the excess 30watts of power clearly being shown (and felt!) as heat in the magnetic control gear.

The Nu Tech HF ballast, stabilised at 230 Volts, used 68 watts, with no heat output in the ballast, a 30% saving on the energy being consumed.

Now, if we consider a building, such as an office or a hospital, with say 200 light fittings per floor.
200 luminaires @ 30 watts saving=6kW per hour SAVING per floor.
or 6kW x 8760 hours x £0.08=£ 4,204.00 SAVING per year per floor.
Further maintenance savings are possible since the HF lighting will last over 27,000 hours compared to the standard 8,000 hours.

"Powerboss" Intelligent control of electric motors

Albany Pump Power Demo The myth is that electric motors "only take the power the need". Visitors were shown that the reality is much different.

Each of our ALBANY gear pumps, was fitted with a "Powerboss" dynamic motor controller. One was run continuously under the control of Powerboss, the other we only switched "in" as required to demonstrate the energy savings potential to visitors.
In addition to witnessing the power saving of the Powerboss intelligent motor control, visitors were able to "feel the heat" and "hear the noise difference" in the uncontrolled pump motor.

In industrial and commercial applications, in addition to soft starting ANY electric motors, Powerboss will make energy savings of typically 5 to 23%.

"ESL" The oil that pays for itself, or how to beat the climate change levy!

Albany Pump Power Demo We run a matched pair of ALBANY gear pumps, each pumping a 15W40 motor oil.

ESL supplement has been added at a 5% concentration into one of the oil containers.
Using a very accurate WATT METER, a power saving of almost 5% is clearly demonstrated.

Whilst our pumps are only nominally 250 Watts, just consider the implications of more typical 5% savings on say, a heavy 250kW drive in a process industry, such as, quarrying, cement, steel or even a power station coal crusher.

For example:

Assume £ 0.08/kWhr to operate a 250 kW motor continuously for a year.

8,600 x £0.08 x 250=£ 172,000 year

5% saving=£ 8,600

This is on ONE drive, how many do YOU have?

As a "FUEL SAVER", added to vehicle engines (and transmissions), ESL will improve the fuel consumption by around 5%.



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