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BIO-Products The Bio Tech solution
to oil spillage

What are ESL BIO- products ?

ESL BIO products utilise saprophytic naturally occurring bacterial organisms, which are biologically targeted to seek out and digest organic waste such as:-

  • Hydrocarbons - Oils, Petrol, Diesel etc.
  • Fat, Grease, Starch, Animal and Human Waste
  • Fungi, Algae & Mould

BIO SOL Products do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals, solvents or bleaches.

How do BIO SOL products work?

BIO SOL products work by biodegrading organic waste as nature intended, however, they work in a fraction of the time it takes nature, in fact, thousands of times quicker!!

The micro-organisms digest the organic waste material, converting the waste into base elements of water, nutrients and inert gases which are friendly to the ozone layer.

These elements are then passed harmlessly back into the environment.

BIO SOL products are exceedingly powerful, more than sufficient to replace the acids, caustics and strong alkalis which are presently used in traditional chemical cleaners.

Consequently, as a result, overall pollution, time and disposal costs are significantly reduced!!!

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Oil sponge

Grease Trap

Light Floor

Heavy Floor

General Purpose

Septic Tank


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